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Education and Certifications

My name is Traci Gonzales

  • Bachelor of Arts, Grand Valley State University

  • Masters in Education, Grand Valley State University

  • USAW Coaching Level 1

  • Precision Nutrition Coach Level 1

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a little bit more about me


My Story

Fitness and sports have been a part of my life since age 5 when I started gymnastics.  I was a competitive gymnast for many years until I began school sports.  Throughout middle school and high school I played basketball, volleyball and ran track.  After high school I continued my fitness journey with group fitness classes at various gyms in the area.  Many years later I learned that you can’t just do cardio and I started working with personal trainers to learn how to lift weights.

CrossFit soon became something I was interested in but was hesitant to join because I had small children.  I didn’t think I could make that work.  I found a way and haven’t looked back since.  Most days my three children(ages 2-12 ) are with me at the gym, watching or even jumping into a workout with me.  Since starting Crossfit 8 years ago I’ve transitioned into a USAW athlete and now do a mix of Crossfit and Olympic weightlifting.  I won the Gold at the 2022 World Masters Championship, bronze in 2019 at the World Masters Meet in Montreal and currently hold 9 state records.


When I’m not at the gym you can find me in my classroom teaching 4th Grade Spanish Immersion, spending time with my children and my husband Josh, traveling, or drinking good wine.

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